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The Journey Is the Reward • 旅程就是奖励

The family tree of the Lius • 刘氏家谱

This site is an archive about my genealogical past and present, which I began in 1993. I manage to put together a tree over the decades that encompasses about five branches. Although one of my branches traces back to year 650‎ and another dates back to 1341, but my main focus has always been on the 1800s and after.
这个网站是关于我的家谱, 过去的和现在的. 虽然我的一个分支追溯到650年, 另一个追溯到1341年, 但我的主要目标一直是关注从1800年后.

The family tree of the Zhous • 周氏家谱

The family tree of the Lius has been digitized by Shanghai Museum around 2000 and the Zhou’s 13 volumes 1923 edition, which is from Dr. Alan Chow‘s garage, was digitized by myself in the summer of 2016.
2000年左右上海博物馆数码了刘氏家谱. 周氏的十三册家谱 (1923 版[?]) 来自周嗣良舅,我于2016年夏天将其数码化.

The Journey Is the Reward • 旅程就是奖励

My writing is merely a byproduct of the hard research and legwork I’ve performed over the decades, all of which has proven to be immensely rewarding, therapeutic, and cathartic.
写作只是辛勤研究的副产品. 事实证明,所有这些工作都具有极大的回报,治疗和宣泄作用.

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