Zhang Xiaogang 张晓刚

IMG_7471 IMG_7472  1951.10.05 花市七三条 后院小屋

I couldn’t remember if I saw this photo first or Zhang Xiaogang’s Bloodlines series first. They remind me of one another. According to Wikipedia, Zhang discovered an old photo of his mother of her younger days when she’s very attractive, which inspired him to paint his series.

He’s a young man from a scholarly family who shared the love of poetry with mom. In the army, he was attracted to a young woman from the country. To be with her, he gave up the opportunity to work and live in Beijing, followed her back to Kunming, far southwest of the country. Because of his education and their military background, they became low ranked official. To keep their rambunctious boys out of trouble, they bought them color pencils to draw. One of the sons developed a genuine interest and became an artist.

Chinese are known to have almond shaped eyes.  Oddly, many Chinese prefer the ore western look of double eyelids, and would undergone blepharoplasty to alter their look, such as the fame tv anchor Julie Chen. I’m in the minority who adore the single eyelids eyes.



艾箖非常喜欢她的大姑, 迫不及待的想介绍给她的表哥沙. 沙听后兴高采烈的说下个星期就来相亲. 临收线前艾箖还是赞不绝口“真漂亮… 还是单眼皮…” 艾箖忘记了国人的审美观和她的大不相同. 这个画蛇添足很致命 是后来好久才知道. 表哥沙过了几天打电话说不巧下个周末需要加班,就没有来.
一年后艾箖结婚了. 沙带着他的女朋友一起来赴宴,顺便介绍给家里的亲戚们看看. 艾箖家的几个知情的长辈们一见到他的女朋友后就把艾箖骂的几乎体无完肤的… “世界上有哪个大脑正常的人会觉得单眼皮漂亮?” 她们还特意把艾箖的小姑子请过来给沙看… 希望能左右他. 她们觉得女朋友不仅丑而且家里还是开餐馆的,和大姑实在没有得比. “沙 没有去相亲就是因为你那句‘单眼皮’…” 不过已经太迟了!女朋友虽然丑但是沙觉得她美若天仙. 现在他们各自都有三个孩子,  幸福美满的很.
艾箖, 还是一根筋的喜欢单眼皮.

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